How can a copywriter boost your website?

How can a copywriter boost your website?

Wondering how to give your website that competitive edge? Consider hiring a copywriter…

Whether you’re creating a new website for your business or revamping your current one, you’ll soon be facing an important question: should I hire a copywriter or write my own website copy?

Here’s our take on why copywriters are the best people for the job!

Why hire a copywriter for your website?

Quality is everything

When it comes to your company’s online presence, quality is everything. A website copywriter has the skills needed to craft engaging, purposeful copy and make every word count. The importance of this shouldn’t be understated. It’s what transforms site visitors into paying customers! 

(Plus, they won’t slip up on spelling and grammar.)

Copy that guides your site visitors

The best websites are so easy to navigate that you don’t even think about why they feel that way. We tend to gloss over excellent phrasing and clear CTAs. This isn’t because they’re redundant, it’s because they’re doing their job.

A talented copywriter can create website copy that guides site visitors around the site logically, clearly, and helpfully.

A copywriter is like a detective — they do their research

If you’re a business owner, you’ll know your company inside-out. You might be thinking: how can a copywriter do a better job on my website than me? While you’ll have a clear idea about your brand’s tone of voice (TOV) and target market, it’s a copywriter’s job to understand your company’s needs, image, and ethos as well as you do.

A copywriter is part researcher, part writer. The real magic happens when they combine their brilliant research skills with their knowledge of effective writing principles.

With an experienced copywriter, you can be sure that they’ll fully research and understand your brand. The benefit to outsourcing your copywriting is that they’ll also bring expertise (skills such as writing, editing, SEO, and website design) that you may not have.

It’s hard to write about yourself — let’s face it, self-flattery is difficult! Plus, business owners often know too much about their business to easily strip it back and explain it in the simplest terms. A copywriter will provide that much-needed second perspective. They’ll know what your customers are looking for from your website.

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The perfect amount of writing

A rambling website is cluttered and confusing. But not enough information is vague and can lose potential customers. A copywriter will be able to craft the ideal amount of copy for your website. They will have written numerous websites before for a range of different sectors. 

Let’s just say, they’ll know what works!

Tone of voice

You’ll have a clear idea about your brand’s tone of voice. But translating this to your website copy isn’t as simple as it sounds. One wrong word can throw your TOV way off-brand. Copywriters are true wordsmiths. The careful selection of terms, phrasing, and structure is their bread and butter.

Relevant information

A copywriter will be able to identify the information that needs to be on your website. They’ll know what your customers need to see to decide to do business with you. More information isn’t always better — irrelevant details can mask your strongest selling points. Likewise, not enough information can be frustrating and deter site visitors from contacting you.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Have you thought about how your website will rank on search engines? There’s no point in having an amazing website if people can’t find it. Some copywriters (like our talented website writers at Zipcopi) will be able to ensure your site is search engine-friendly and able to compete with rival sites.

Copywriters will conduct keyword research to ensure your website contains tonnes of relevant terms that your target market is searching for. They’ll also craft your website to maximise readability and ease of navigation — key factors that reduce your bounce rate (when visitors leave your site without viewing a second page).

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