Meet the Zipcopi team

Meet the Zipcopi team

We thought it might be nice to introduce you to the team behind Zipcopi!

Zipcopi is home to a small team of in-house copywriters and a network of talented freelancers. These busy bees are here to plan, research, and produce top-quality content for a variety of clients. From e-commerce and healthcare businesses to professional service providers and Fintech companies, we cover a whole host of different sectors and subjects.

We also write in a broad range of content forms. Whether it’s short and snappy Facebook ads or in-depth guides for lead generation, our copywriters have the skills to create content that drives engagement and gets results.

Anna: Content Manager

First up, let’s introduce Anna, our lovely Content Manager.

Before entering the world of copywriting, Anna studied Philosophy at university here in Bristol. When she’s not crafting or editing articles, you’ll likely find her playing the banjo, drawing adorable chicken illustrations or running her food stall.

Anna’s been with Zipcopi since the company’s inception in 2020 and is an excellent writer and invaluable team member. If you need any product descriptions or blog posts, she’s the one to contact. Anna also has fantastic proofreading and editing skills.

She currently lives and works in Manchester but visits Bristol when she can!

The Zipcopi team: Anna

Oliver: Junior Copywriter

Next up, say hello to Oliver!

Oliver is a self-proclaimed language nerd with a passion for foreign cultures and music. He studied German and Japanese at university before deciding to put his grammar pedantry to good use as a junior copywriter. After joining us in November 2021, Oliver has shown nothing but enthusiasm, great writing skills, and a willingness to learn.

Oliver: Junior Copywriter at Zipcopi

Tansy: Senior Content Manager

Tansy is our Content Account Manager. She studied Theatre and Performance at university before going on to do a Masters in Creative Writing. In October 2020, Tansy started out working as a freelance writer for Zipcopi but joined the in-house team full time in April 2021.

She’s a bookworm and all-round word lover with a penchant for dinosaur-print clothing. In her free time, she enjoys practising yoga and singing in a theatre choir.

Tansy: Zipcopi Content Account Manager

Our freelancers

Alongside the in-house team, Zipcopi works with a small group of freelance writers. These talented freelancers are always happy to take on briefs with a quick turnaround and approach the articles with passion and enthusiasm. We thoroughly appreciate all their hard work and consistent results.

Contact Us

The Zipcopi team are dedicated writers who produce content that is genuinely engaging and enjoyable to read, as well as driving traffic and sales. Whether you need web copy for a site overhaul, product descriptions for a new launch, regular blog posts, or a custom job, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can also find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. We look forward to connecting soon!