AD Copy

Alongside web copy and long-form content, we have supported clients in writing short, snappy adverts. From promoting premium mixers to advertising ticketed ballet performances, we have created engaging copy for Facebook adverts.

With limited character counts, it’s important to create concise work that immediately grabs the reader’s attention and leads them to a clear call to action. We have developed and adapted copy to appeal to audiences at different stages of the sales funnel — from initial awareness to retargeting.

Strive Health and Fitness Club

This high-spec health and fitness club wanted to improve its membership numbers and contacted Zipcopi for help with advertising copy.

After spending time with the team to understand the brand, service and target audience, we developed copy for targeted Facebook ads. As a premium venue, Strive provides an extensive range of classes, facilities and services beyond that of a standard gym. We felt that this was not coming across in their messaging, so crafted engaging Facebook ad copy to focus on each different area.

Working on short-form copy for Facebook ads required us to use succinct phrasing without losing the brand’s tone of voice or premium edge. After rolling out the targeted ads, Strive saw a significant increase in enquiries and sign-ups to their annual memberships.

Alongside Facebook ad copies, we also worked on a radio advert. Liaising with both the client and a radio production company, we developed a script for a 30-second advert. This involved writing copy that worked effectively when spoken out loud, engaged a listening audience, and captured Strive’s unique selling points.

Premium tonic and mixer brand

We recently worked with a premium tonic and mixer brand that has just launched a range of products in a major supermarket.

We liaised with the team covering the project to determine what their marketing goals were, how they wanted to present their USP, and which advertising formats they wanted to pursue.

One of their main advertising streams involved creating targeted Facebook and Google ads. The client had been seeing limited dwell time on their previous campaigns. As such, it was important to come up with succinct, engaging copy with a clear call to action.

The copy needed to appeal to customers at different levels of awareness. We came up with slightly longer content geared towards those at the top of the awareness funnel. This included information about the brand’s background and values. We also developed shorter, snappier conversion ads designed to engage customers who may have known about the brand and visited their website but had not yet made a purchase.

It was essential to retain a fun and quirky tone of voice to reflect the brand’s vibrant products and brand values.

The client required a quick turnaround on this copy and we were able to complete the work in less than 24 hours.

Arts-streaming website

In October 2021, we worked with a service that allows customers to stream dance, theatre, and music shows. We wrote targeted Facebook ad copy for their on-demand services and for one of their seasonal ticketed events.

We wrote both awareness and conversion copy for their campaigns. The client wanted the content to be short and succinct, so we made every word count. It was important to retain the client’s tone of voice and appeal to their target market.

As the ticketed event was on a set date and the client wanted to ensure they sold as many tickets in advance as possible, they requested a very quick, same-day turnaround, and we were happy to oblige.