Brochure and Guides

National property management company

In January 2021, we wrote a digital guide for a property management company. The in-depth guide was designed as a lead generation tool that potential customers could download as a PDF.

The aim of the guide was to transform complicated, jargon-filled information into something clear and easy for residents to digest. We were presented with complex sources, including legal documents and tasked with the job of crafting an engaging and readable version.

Initially, we wrote two chapters so the client could make sure we’d pinned down the ideal tone of voice. This was completed with a short turnaround and the client was very happy with the work. They commissioned us to continue with the rest of the project. The final document was 8,000 words long.

The next month, the client asked us to write a condensed, 500-word version of the guide to act as a teaser and encourage leads to download the full guide. This involved making sure that the shorter document was enticing and gave enough information to be of value to the reader but not enough that they wouldn’t download the full PDF.

Together, the mini and full guides were successful in generating leads, showing that the content built trust and engagement