Proofreading and editing is an essential part of what we do — both internally to check spelling, grammar and consistency, and externally.

We frequently offer our proofreading services to one of our main clients, upUgo, a digital marketing agency. This work includes checking through web copy for brands such as a Jersey-based health and fitness club, an independent coffee roaster, and a national hearing aid company. The latter has both a B2B and B2C focus, and part of our role working on their new website was to ensure that different sections of copy were adequately tailored to the intended audience.

Using inVision, we have been able to offer comments, copy suggestions, and rewrites, as well as highlight and correct any spelling or grammatical errors.

We have also had the opportunity to edit radio and video scripts, offering feedback on the current copy along with amendment suggestions. Recently, we edited and proofread a video explainer script for a cybersecurity company. It was important that the script balanced technical jargon with clarity for the audience.